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Founder and CEO

While pursuing her undergraduate studies in accounting and finance at Georgia State University, Jasmine began her career as a Junior Accountant in the private industry. As she continued to seek more challenging work, her journey would take her through public and governmental accounting and influence her to begin pursuing her Master of Business Administration degree. After experiencing all sectors of accounting and continuing her education, Jasmine returned in 2019 after realizing her passion for private industry and her ability to help business owners and professionals see their dreams to fruition. From her education and work experience, Jasmine has developed analytical and organizational skills while remaining discreet, observant, and transparent.

In today's world entrepreneurs tend to live complex and dimensional lives. As moms, dads, soccer coaches, fitness instructors, bible study teachers, and competitive gamers, business owners may have little to no time before switching hats. As the daughter of an entrepreneurial single mom of two daughters with busy schedules, Jasmine was inspired to create and found Saminity. She constantly witnessed her mother complete after-hours work, participate in volleyball carpools, and join conference calls at swim practice after long hectic days in the office.

Saminity is here to relieve you of the mundane bookkeeping and accounting tasks that delay you from enjoying and engaging with your family and in your hobbies and other activities.

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