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Business on Your Terms.
We do business on your time.

Cloud-based Business Solutions Boutique

Saminity helps entrepreneurs throughout the United States get back to doing what they love. It is common for business owners to want to understand the health, progress, and performance of their business, but not be involved in the operation details. Saminity does the dirty work and reporting while allowing you to focus on the job, skill, and profession you love. Through instant reporting and virtual meetings and check-ins, stakeholders are always aware of their business position.


To equip business owners with the necessary resources to become more involved in and knowledgable about their business processes and financial management.


We envision to create an environment that allows financial management and business planning to be transparent, simple, and reliable for all stakeholders.

Some really good questions...

Can I cancel my services at any time?

Yes. Most of our engagements require a 30-day notice for cancellation to allow for proper off-boarding.

We’ll perform a review of your existing accounting set up and practices along with securely establishing login credentials to accounting and financial systems. We also create a customer-specific financial calendar that we use to ensure all accounting tasks are completed on time.

How will I communicate with you?

Since Saminity is cloud-based so we communicate with clients via email, phone, Slack, or even video conference. Onsite work is available also for this in the Metro Atlanta area.

What precautions does Saminity take to protect my personal information?

We value your personal information and take the necessary precautions to limit access to it by unauthorized users. Client’s usernames and passwords are secured using our LastPass Enterprise encrypted password vault. Data and reports are delivered to clients via email unless otherwise specified by the client.

Do I need quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily bookkeeping?

Our bookkeeping packages are differentiated based on cost, delivery date of financial statements, allotted transactions per month, and communication channels with your bookkeeper. 

If I use Saminity's bookkeeping services, which software should I choose QuickBooks or Xero?

Both platforms are amazing, but the choice is yours. 

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